Testimonials -    Happy Customers!

I am absolutely blown away and astounded by the sheer quality and beauty of my PeaceWolfCreations fursuit, which consists of a head, arms sleeves, handpaws, feetpaws, and a tail. Peacewolf's drive and love of communication and her love of her "fursuit children" goes beyond any other maker I have previously encountered, and I would highly recommend commissioning her without a second thought. From the moment I paid my down payment she was messaging me, showing me furs and and different items she uses in her fursuit making process. She allowed me to select specific claws for my feetpaws and hand paws, as well as picking out my pawpads, and was willing to take measurements in person for my silly comfort reasons, as I am an Oklahoma local. From start to finish she has been absolutely amazing and incredible to work with, and I highly encourage getting a quote from her! My fursuit is absolutely PERFECT, she is more beautiful than I ever could have imagined her to be! Thank you PeaceWolfCreations for making my dream a reality!

     "Shade the Wolf - Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 6/21/2019

Shade the Wolf.jpg

PeaceWolf was so very patient with this red panda. I know I can be quite annoying as I am a hyper fur and get overexcited. But she was very patient and worked with my indecision to get what I wanted in a suit. Milinna is so pretty and will enjoy showing her off at meets/cons!

     "Milinna the Red Panda" - Sapulpa, Oklahoma 12/15/2018

Everyone remembers the excitement and anticipation when it comes to getting their first fursuit and this story is no exception. Peacewolf had done a great job keeping me up to date on the progress and in making suggestions to making my partial more user friendly and comfortable to wear. When I saw the completed photos of my partial, I was smiling from ear to ear. It was hard to contain the joy of seeing my partial in person and putting it on for the first time. Thank you so much Peacewolf for turning Rowdy into a wearable form of art.

     "Rowdy the Folf" - Nowata, Oklahoma 10/22/2018


"I honestly didn't have that much expectation going into commissioning a fursuit maker like PeaceWolf Creations. I thought it would just be usual schtick where I’ll give them the reference sheet of my character and wait a couple of weeks for my fursuit paws to arrive and nothing more. PeaceWolf however not only did that but went above and beyond my own expectations. Their communications was surprisingly fantastic by updating me the process of my paws almost every day and remained to be professional at all times. They answered all of my questions almost instantly and did a great job at remembering almost all of the details I wanted for these paws.  The paws and arm sleeves themselves are very well done. Despite being being puffy and having only four fingers, the paws have really good flexibility that feels very comfortable to wear and fit on both of my hands perfectly. The fur is so fluffy and soft, they’re perfect to hug everybody with. The arm sleeves are also very comfortable to wear and Peacewolf did a very good job at measuring the length and width of my arms just right. Overall, I love these paws and arm sleeves so much and communicating with Peacewolf was a delightful experience. If you're looking for high quality fursuit parts while trying to save a budget, then I highly recommend checking out PeaceWolf Creations."

      "Issac the Husky" - Andover, Kansas 10/8/2018


"Words simply cannot describe how I feel about PWC!! I'm over the moon about how everything came out. From the moment I was quoted to pickup, everything was smooth and completely professional! The head is absolutely brilliant! It's the first time but it will not be the last I do business with PeaceWolf!!! 10/10 Will be back for more!!"

    "Renix the Coyote" - Claremore, Oklahoma 9/9/2018


"I give PeaceWolf  a10/10 for making my Snowbreezze fursuit! Very spot on! "

    "Snowbreezze the Wolf" - Round Lake Park, Illinois 9/6/2018


"I am very pleased with my purchase, the quality is excellent and the pricing is extremely fair. The creator is very polite and patient and is extremely customer oriented to ensure a fantastic product."

    "Cheru the Corgi" - Edmond, Oklahoma 8/10/2018


"Peace is one of the best makers I've dealt with so far. They have amazing customer service, making me feel like it's not just a business transaction. Let alone the look of their suits is amazing. The time and effort put in is really shown in the final products."

    "Breeze the Fennec/Wolf" - Ontario, Canada 7/23/2018

"Was amazing to work with, thank you!"

   "Elvy the Fox" - Lawton, Oklahoma 5/24/2018

"From the very beginning I knew that PeaceWolf Creations was going to be easy to work with. Everything was straightforward and easy to figure out. PeaceWolf Creations was a joy to work with because we had so much in common which made the experience ten times better. I would frequently get pictures of progress on my character being brought to life through their hard work and artistry. I'm glad that I heard about PeaceWolf Creations and can't wait to see their future creations as time goes on!"

   Ace the Shepherd" - Sperry, Oklahoma   2/17/2018


"Freaking 1000/10 stars... PeaceWolf is amazing, fast, and detail oriented. My new Koori head is amazing quality!"

            "Koori Tiger" - Owasso, Oklahoma   1/21/2018

"PeaceWolfCreations is a great maker, she keeps you well updated on everything, and makes sure she keeps you well informed. She made everything correctly, and everything turned out perfect. She sent me plenty of update pictures. Has amazing and very reasonable prices on everything she makes,she does amazing work on fursuits and I really recommend getting your fursuit from PeaceWolfCreations!"

          "Miku the Husky" - Newcastle, Oklahoma   12/7/2017

"Nicole (PeaceWolf) recently made me a pair of paws to go with my full tiger fursuit. She went above and beyond, taking care of making sure the paws were constructed well and also delivered in a timely manner. Nicole is dedicated to making people smile, and knows how to take care of her customers. I highly recommend Nicole for her unbelievable skills not only with fursuits but also her various types of art. She is a true asset to the community and I encourage anyone looking for art, fursuits, or accessories to definitely consider hiring her. You get top-notch with this white wolf, and it's worth it!"

             "Koori Tiger" - Owasso, Oklahoma   9/12/2017

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